Boxing Champion

Congrats to Mr.George Cortina for winning his boxing match on Feb 21,2015

This guy is such an inspiration, he lost 27lbs and at the age of 47 still kicking butt.

It's never too late to chase your dreams . Come train at Nam Phan MMA Academy

Xin chúc mừng đến Mr.George Cortina cho chiến thắng trận đấu quyền anh của mình on Feb 21,2015

Anh chàng này là một nguồn cảm hứng như vậy, ông đã mất £ 27 và ở tuổi 47 vẫn đá mông.

Không bao giờ là quá muộn để theo đuổi ước mơ của bạn. Hãy đến đào tạo tại Phan MMA Academy Nam

Ma Du Yoga

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★★★Ma Du YOGA Class★★★
First Class Starts on March 7th & 8th

Every SATURDAY& SUNDAY From 9am-10am

Nam Phan MMA Academy
10662 Stanford Ave Gardem Grove CA 92840

Ms.Dawn Tran Galazyn

$50 /Month or $20/Drop-by
*A Percentage will go to the kids of Ralston Intermediate to help fund their educational school field trips*
Come sign up early, and get a MONTH OF MARCH FREE!!!
For more info, Call :714-814-4383 or check our webisite:

Kids KickBoxing Class

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Kids Kickboxing class

come have your kid sign up at the Nam Phan MMA Academy's Kids Kickboxing class , your child will be trained by Professional fighter and New King of Pancrase World Champion Nam Phan.

Your kid will learn basic kickboxing skills, improved confidence, and respect, all the while having fun.

classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday from 5pm-6pm. Space is limited as the classes are filling up quickly . $75 a month for the next 10 kids and if you sign up now, ages 5-13


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Feb 1st, 2015. Nam Phan became the new Feather Weight King of Pancrase by defeating former title holder Takumi Nakayama in a Three round split decision.

01 tháng 2, 2015. Nam Phan đã trở thành Feather mới Weight Vua Pancrase bằng cách đánh bại cựu chủ Bằng Takumi Nakayama trong một vòng quyết định phân chia Ba.



Pancrase mma jiu jitsu wrestling grappling boxing muay thai kickboxing

Nam Phan will be competing against long time friend and MMA veteran Takumi Nakayama at Pancrase 264 in Diffa Ariake , Tokyo Japan. This up coming match will be for the Pancrase World Feather Weight Title. Lets wish him luck.



Kid's Kickboxing Tues and Thursday 5-6pm .

By popular demand the first day of kids kickboxing will be held on Tuesday Jan 6th from 5-6pm. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Nam Phan MMA Academy located on 10662 stanford ave Garden Grove ca 92840 .

Get the first month of Jan FREE when you sign your child up for the kids kickboxing class. Age requirement are from 5-13 years old. Classes are only $50 a month for the first 20 kids that sign up. Dont wait, lets get your kids signed up and in shape for the new year.


Wanted to have one last Ma Du Family get together before the holidays. We had an amazing turn out and every ate a lot of tasty foods. Wanna wish everyone a safe happy Merry Christmas!

クリスマスシーズン前、今年が終わってしまう前にMa Duファミリーが集いました。大勢の人がやってきて、みんなが持ち寄った美味しい食事を楽しみました。皆さん、ナムファンよりメリークリスマス!

Muốn có một Ma cuối cùng Du Gia đình có được cùng trước kỳ nghỉ lễ. Chúng tôi đã có một lượt ra tuyệt vời và mọi ăn rất nhiều thức ăn ngon. Wanna chúc mọi người một hạnh phúc an toàn Merry Christmas!

Pancrase 264 World Title

pancrase 264 world title

Nam Phan will be fighting for the Pancrase Feather Weight Belt on Feb 1st against current Champion Takumi Nakayama.. Let's wish him Luck.

Nam Phan sẽ đấu tranh cho vị Pancrase Feather Weight Belt trên 01 tháng 2 so với hiện tại Champion Takumi Nakayama .. Chúng ta hãy chúc ông may mắn.


Nam Phan vs Mike Richman Bellator 131

Nam Phan Mike Richman Bellator MMA boxing kickboxing muay thai jiu jitsu wrestling grappling

Nam Phan's next fight will be for Bellator 131 at the Valley View Casino in San Diego against Mike Richman. Nam Phan and staff will selling tickets to this event, so please come and support. Good Luck Nam Phan

Trận đấu tiếp theo của Nam Phan sẽ cho Bellator 131 tại Valley View Casino ở San Diego với Mike Richman. Nam Phan và nhân viên bán vé cho sự kiện này, vì vậy hãy đến và hỗ trợ. Good Luck Nam Phan