basic Self Defense Tips: Palm Strike

Disclaimer: The techniques mention in this article are to be executed at your own risk. The author is not liable for misuse or undesired results.

If you are ever in a self-defense situation and you don't know much technique on how to protect yourself. I will always suggest to get out of the aggressive situation as safely as possible. Such as call/scream/yell for help ; if the situation gets more aggravated i would suggest to pick up any random fairly hard object you can use as a weapon to strike with: rock, chair, bottle, dirt/sand, purse , cell phone, car keys, belt...etc. If there isn't any one around to help you and absolutely zero foreign objects available. Now you are in the worst case scenario and have to use your own body as a weapon. I would suggest to use every hard/pointed part of your body such as: forehead , back of the skull, elbows, knees and heels. Then the most underrated self defense weapon of them all, the palm strike.

First thing is, i would only suggest to use the palm strike technique in a self defense situation. Not in a MMA,boxing, karate match etc. The reason is in a professional fight/match the fighters are usually wearing gloves to protect their hands from breaking, even then their hands are still known to break through the protection of the gloves and wraps.It should be clear that the palm strike should be used with the bottom boney part of the palm. Not the upper part of the hand such as a open-hand slap. With the palm strike you are able to execute maximum power to your attacker without having to worry about breaking your hand. When used correctly the palm strike can be equally as powerful as a punch in the face.

To get the most out of the palm strike the main target should be the head or preferably the face of the attacker. Striking any where else on the body would not be too effective because of the extra muscle, fat, or skin that is surrounding the body as protection. With the open palm one hand may be use to grab the attacker's hair while the other continually strikes the attacker in the face. If you are able to aim,preferred targets on the face such as : eyes, cheek, nose, mouth, jaw or temple would be the ideal areas of choice. Of course with zero training, to be able to aim for a certain target may be a bit difficult but its good to have some sort of knowledge or game plan going into these type of situations.. In any case, a self defense situation where adrenaline may be running through body and your mind is racing at a 100 mph, the best thing to do is strike anywhere on the face.

Here are some clips of Bas Rutten executing the palm strike in very impressive fashion