The finish: option 2

The second option I would recommend for a person with very little grappling experience in a self-defense situation is to attack the American Lock. The reason is that it allows you to stay heavy on top without having switch into a different position, all the while still being able to attack the person from a safe position (assuming that you have already taken the attacker to the ground and landed in the side control position). If you do not feel comfortable in creating scramble or losing your position on top then attacking the American Lock is a very safe option. Now, first thing is to remember to always stay tight and heavy on top of the person, making them feel as uncomfortable as possible for the time being. To do this, you should focus your shoulder weight on top of the person's jaw, turning the shoulder that is on the attacker’s jaw down and raise the other shoulder up (keeping your balance on your toes and yourbutt up in the air while turning your hips with the attacking shoulder). Keeping your butt in while turning your hips will add pressure to the jaw of the attacker. Your other hand will be used as a post in case the bottom person decided to escape or buckle wildly to create space; the free hand will be used to keep your balance and being reversed to the bottom.

Assuming that you have landing on the right side of the attacker with your left arm wrapped around theperson's head and right hand being used as a post. Take your time while executing the submission, waitfor the person on the bottom to tire out and stop moving. When you feel that the attacker has gotten abit tired, with your right hand, look to grab and pin down the left wrist. Once the attacker's hand issecured in place, release control of the head as you push the left hand of the attacker palm up. Once the palm is facing up, switch from your right to the left hand grip. With your right hand look to slide underneath the attacker's left arm while you look to grab a hold of your left wrist. Now the attacker's left arm should be place at a 90 degree angle with his palm facing up. With your left hand grabbing on to the attackers left wrist and your right hand grabbing on your left wrist. You are now in the AMERICAN LOCK position.

Securing the lock tightly, keeping the arm at a 90 degree angle. Drag the wrist towards the hip until you feel the arm lock in place. With a tight grip on the left hand that is facing palm up, make sure to keep the wrist pinned while using your right to left lift up the attacker's left elbow. This will cause extreme pain to the shoulder and elbow of the person on bottom causing them to give up or risk serious injury. If you have any question about self defense or anything martial arts related please email