Self Defense: The Finish Option 1

When you have finally secure the side control position on the ground. Then next thing I recommend to do is end the confrontation as soon as possible. The Longer the fighting goes, your chances of being hurt becomes higher. Usually during a heated situation, adrenaline is running through out everyone’s body. With that said, even though the attacker has been brought to the ground and is stuck underneath the side control position. They will probably continue doing their best to hurt you or at least use all their strength of get off of the bottom. At this point, you want to maintain control of the attacker until the he/she gets tires from struggling off of the bottom. With good top-pressure and control, it will be very tiring for the bottom person to keep on fighting if he or she does not know the proper way to escape.

You do not want to advance your position and try to finish while the person that is still moving off of the bottom. Doing so may cause a scramble, making the position very loose and the situation has now become more wild instead of being controlled. If you are not very well verse in grappling than creating a scramble may not be the best idea because that may give the attacker a chance to reverse the position and end up on top to throw punches. Even if you're a black belt level in jiu jitsu / grappling i would still recommend to stay on top of the attacker and maintain control which is the best way to stay of safe. The attacker does not need to be skilled in striking to land a solid punch. in a self-defense situation, one punch will make all the difference between you being knocked out or being safe

.As the attacker has calm down from the struggling off of the bottom, now is your chance to finish. Always keeping close to the person to avoid heavy strikes being thrown at your face in mind, move the knee that is closest to attackers hips onto their belly. While keeping constant pressure on their stomach, slide the knee off to the other side of body. Now with both of your knees on each side of his body, your butt should now be sitting on the attacker's stomach. This position in Jiu Jitsu is called the "Mount"position.

From the "Mount" position I would recommend to quickly start throwing "Palm-Strikes" to the attacker'sface. The attacker to quickly panic, begin to roll over to his stomach and cover up to avoid being hit in the face. While his back is being exposed, this is your chance to apply the rear naked choke. Quickly slide your wrist underneath his/her chin, lock your two hands together and begin applying maximum pressure towards the Adam's - Apple . Within 5 seconds of choking the attackers throat, they should be unconscious,now is your time to call the police and explain what happened.