Self Defense: Grappling vs Striking

When people ask me the question , " is grappling or striking better in a self defense situation?" . I always say jiu jitsu/grappling is the ultimate line of self-defense but to be fair there are instances where striking with with an attacker would be more effective. For instance if you're in a situation where there are multiple attackers involved then i would highly suggest not to get into grappling situation. Any type of one-on-one or hand-to-hand combat situation which does not involve weapsons, i would always say jiu jitsu/ grappling is the best option.

The reason is statistically 90% of all street fights end up some where on the ground. The average person usually is not train in any sort of martial arts or self defense and knows very little technique. With that said the when punches that are being thrown by two people, who are not exactly skilled in the art of striking. The whole fight is pretty much turned into a flip of coin, meaning its all based upon chance. Who ever lands the first solid punch or hay-maker is gonna be the winner. In a situation where your safety is involved, you do not want to leave it to chance. You want to know what to do,when to do it, and how to react accordingly at every moment in these intense situations. One false move could mean a trip to the hospital or death.

In America most people do not workout, let a lone train in martial arts. If they do, their interest are mostly towards boxing which means they only watch the sport for fun and or have no sense of fundamental skill whatsoever. In the street fight against an average person who doesn't train in any type of combative art you don't really have to worry about too much. The average person will react out of emotion and adrenaline, which mean they will only be thinking about trying to take your head off with a punch or hay-maker. You don't have to worry about any type of jab, cross, hook or uppercut combination thrown at you because that would actually take a skill and training. People will mostly try to get a quick knock out by throwing a big punch to someones head or face. This is a general knowledge that getting hit in the head can cause severe damage and very technique is needed to throw a big punch to the head.

In these situation the best thing to do is to keep your composure, be aware of your suuroundings and get out of the situation as fast as possible. When the attacker throws that big punch to your head, make sure to keep your chin tucked into your chest, eyes focused on your attacker, and hands up to protect your head. You are then going to duck underneath the punch ,quickly cover as much space as possible between you and the attacker. As soon as you are able to maker any type of contact, look to grab some type of body lock around the waist or lower part of the back. Placing the side of you face on the chest of your attack's chest , all the while pulling the attacker's lower back tight in as your head is pushing the chest forward. This will cause a lot pain in the attacker's back and cause him to fall to the ground. To make the take down more effective, look to hook one of you legs around the closest leg and pull causing the attacker to fall more easily. The idea is to get close and tight to the attacker, that way if he/she decides to throw any type of punch to your head. The attacker will not be able to generate enough momentum to cause any serious damage. You may end up with some minor scratches or bruises but that is a lot better than getting knocked out uncousious.

What to do once you're finally on ground with your attacker? wait until next week.