Self Defense: Ground Control

When you are able to close the distance between you and the attacker, you want to make sure to stay as close as possible to him/her, that way if strikes are being thrown. The strike will not have power which will cause very little or no damage. To reinforce distance between the two of you, you want to make sure to wrap your arms around the waist as tightly as possible. Do not give the attacker the chance to escape and create distance to throw punches. Once you are in close, do everything you can to stay tight and work to get the attacker to the ground. In situations such as these, you may only get one chance. 

Once the situation has been brought to the ground, the next most important task is to stay safe and maintain control. First thing is to, again, make sure to stay tight and as close as possible to the attacker. Even when the attacker has been brought to the ground, he or she may still want to throw punches out of desperation. Once you hit the floor, your head will probably end up somewhere on the chest. Make sure to continue to stay tight as you let go of your handgrip that was around the waist to controlling the hips. Depending on which side of the body you land on, one hand will quickly release its grip on the waist and look to control the head. While the other hand looks to get control underneath the armpit or somewhere beneath the arm (in Jiu Jitsu this is called getting the "under-hooks")

When you are able to secure the Under-Hooks on the person the next step is to stay heavy. To do so, as one of your arms is reaching for the attacker's head, slide your chest up the attacker's middle chest area. All the while, secure of the Under-Hooks, keeping balance on the balls of your toes and off of your knees. By keeping the weight off your knees, this gives you enough leverage to lean all of your weight on top and make yourself seem twice as heavy. Make sure your chin is tucked in your chest to be safe from any unpredictable punches being thrown. From this top position, your options are either to hold and stall until someone comes to break up the situation or scream for help.

If you want to see how you can advance in the situation, come back week. Until then, OOSSUU!!!