Self Defense: The Finish Option 1

When you have finally secure the side control position on the ground. Then next thing I recommend to do is end the confrontation as soon as possible. The Longer the fighting goes, your chances of being hurt becomes higher. Usually during a heated situation, adrenaline is running through out everyone’s body. With that said, even though the attacker has been brought to the ground and is stuck underneath the side control position. They will probably continue doing their best to hurt you or at least use all their strength of get off of the bottom.

Self Defense: Ground Control

When you are able to close the distance between you and the attacker, you want to make sure to stay as close as possible to him/her, that way if strikes are being thrown. The strike will not have power which will cause very little or no damage. To reinforce distance between the two of you, you want to make sure to wrap your arms around the waist as tightly as possible. Do not give the attacker the chance to escape and create distance to throw punches. Once you are in close, do everything you can to stay tight and work to get the attacker to the ground.

Self Defense: Grappling vs Striking

When people ask me the question , " is grappling or striking better in a self defense situation?" . I always say jiu jitsu/grappling is the ultimate line of self-defense but to be fair there are instances where striking with with an attacker would be more effective. For instance if you're in a situation where there are multiple attackers involved then i would highly suggest not to get into grappling situation. Any type of one-on-one or hand-to-hand combat situation which does not involve weapsons, i would always say jiu jitsu/ grappling is the best option.

basic Self Defense Tips: Palm Strike

Disclaimer: The techniques mention in this article are to be executed at your own risk. The author is not liable for misuse or undesired results.

Yoga , First Time Experience

Yoga for the first time

I went to Yoga on Sunday. Really didn't know what to expect but knew its hard. Big understatement! About 25 minutes into it I was thinking i would rather get punched in the face! For REAL, that's what i thought. About 9am Monday I noticed all those little aches in lower back were gone.. Its like 1 long stretching routine which has to be good for the back so I'm giving it another try this Sunday. bonus part is that I count it as a workout at Madu- George Cortina :

Yoga: Sat and Sundays 9am-10am
$50 a month

Certified Yoga Instructor: Dawn Tran Galazyn


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